Disaster Zone

One-Woman Company to Deliver 30 Million Meals

Let this be a warning to all of us.

by Eric Holdeman / February 12, 2018

In contracting during a post-disaster event, if you want it "bad," you might just get what you want — "Bad." See this story of a one-woman company being selected to deliver 30 million meals to Puerto Rico.

There are thousands of government contracts being vetted for large-scale disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. The contracting officer may only be thinking about low bids, but that can lead to mistakes like the one described above. I can understand how that happens, but ... it doesn't look good in the post-disaster analysis of contracts gone wrong. 

Pass this blog post along to your contracting staff as an example of what to avoid. We all know to warn citizens of unscrupulous contractors who prey on disaster victims who have damages to their homes. Let us be forewarned of the same possibility in our function of providing services on a larger scale.