Disaster Zone

Personal Solar Charging Solution for Emergencies

Not everyone can have a generator.

by Eric Holdeman / January 15, 2019

A gasoline-powered generator, used safely, is a good electrical power solution for many homeowners. But not everyone lives in a single family detached home with a place for a generator. Many individuals live in apartments and in urban areas.

One of the things we need today is communications via our cellphones and other electronic devices. Now there is Skybeesolar that provides a solar-powered solution that is not terribly expensive, yet will give you enough power to keep you in touch with loved ones or for commercial purposes. What I like about the folding solar panel is that it will generate enough electricity even on a cloudy rainy day in Seattle. There is enough power for a cellphone, and their quick-charging battery pack and pocket full of adapters will give you power for laptops and iPads in addition to your phone.