There are no national economies anymore -- only a global economy and a constellation of regional economies with strong cities at the core.

"As it becomes ever more clear," as author Neal Peirce has put it, "that national economies essentially are constellations of regional economies, each with a major city at the core ... cities like San Diego play an ever-increasing leadership role in shaping the entire region."

San Diego, if it is to be a city of the future, must follow the example of the city-state, a powerful new mega region it its own right.

That is the finding and the central tenet of the 2008 San Diego Regional Economic Prosperity Strategy study and report released this spring. (Volume I and Volume II) Indeed, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) recognizes the emergence of "mega regions" -- in this case, north from Ventura County, down to and including all of Baja.

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