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Company to Give 50 Websites to Small Water & Sewer Districts

CivicPlus, which makes websites and other communications tools for government, is running the promotion specifically for the smallest water and sewer districts around. The giveaway includes 18 months of hosting.

Spokane, Wash., Looks to Add Autonomous Bus to Park

The city has thrown its name into the hat for the Pacific Northwest Olli Fleet Challenge by Local Motors. The company asked municipalities to propose a short-term, local use for an autonomous vehicle it produces.

Columbus, Ohio, Takes Multi-Strategy Approach to EV Adoption

In the four years since Columbus was awarded a multi-million-dollar transportation grant, the state’s capital city has steadily taken a multi-prong approach to growing electric car adoption.

Electric Car-Share Program Coming Soon to Rural Oregon

The small town of Hood River, Ore., has decided that it will participate in a new pilot project that will launch a plug-in electric car-share program, which is a relatively unusual thing for rural jurisdictions.

Pacific Northwest Facility to Study Grid Security, Resilience

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has been tapped by the U.S. Department of Energy as the new site for a national research effort around grid stability, energy storage and system security.

Lakeland Electric Deploys Disaster Response Tool After Irma

The city-owned utility has rolled out a new Damage Assessment Restoration Toolset ahead of hurricane season. The real-time software will deliver "quicker information, better information and more accurate information."

Philadelphia Plans Sweeping Conversion of 100K Streetlights

The first American city to have public streetlights is moving ahead with a plan to convert its existing infrastructure to LED. The move is expected to cost as much as $80 million, but will save an estimated $6 million a year.

Carlsbad, Calif., Introduces On-Demand Transit Solution

A small fleet of vans will offer a last-mile connection to Coaster commuter rail service, allowing stakeholders to study whether such a system is able to get more commuters out of their cars and onto shared rides.

NYC's New Fare-Payment System Tallies 1 Million Uses

The new contactless payment system rolling out across the New York City bus and subway network launched at the end of May. Some 80 percent of riders "tap" into the system via a digital wallet.

Tech to Help New York MTA Better Manage Crowds, Performance

The Metropolitan Transit Authority will lead several year-long pilot projects to improve rider experience and system performance. The projects include crowd management and push alerts to ease congestion at stations.


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