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Park Ridge, Ill., Poised to Add Electronic Bus Arrival Signs

The Chicago suburb’s ban on electronic message board signs will not apply to certain signs installed at bus and train stops if aldermen formally approve a change they tentatively supported on Oct. 7.

Livingston County, N.Y., Launches Trip Planning Website

The website can be used to identify trip options — from public transportation to paratransit to taxi services — and facilitate access to transportation services for all Livingston County residents.

Texas Utility Launches Drones to Manage Facility Inspections

To better look after infrastructure, New Braunfels Utilities is using four drones to do inspections. The drones will not be used on private property, but will be flown around water towers and power lines, officials say.

States Steadily Pursuing Fuel Alternatives for Bus Fleets

Virginia and several other states are moving forward with a transition away from diesel- and gas-powered school buses and toward modern electric models. The move is expected to save money and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

DFW Airport Considers Driverless Shuttles for Parking Lot

The airport is considering leasing a vehicle for six months for the remote south parking lot, picking up passengers and bringing them to the front of the area where a human driver would then take them to terminals.

California’s Newest Community College Has a Tech Startup Vibe

Everything about Calbright, the state’s 115th community college, is different, from the lingo – it enrolls “learners” not students – to what it teaches: medical coding, information technology and cybersecurity.

Public Water Safety Startup Draws $7M Investment Round

120WaterAudit provides water testing, as well as software for finding lead pipes and managing compliance programs. Launched in 2016, the company operates in 12 states and has now pulled in a Series A investment round.

Cars Still Dominate the Short Trip — Can Cities Change That?

Even with electric scooters readily available in many U.S. cities, research indicates that short-distance travelers are more likely to drive a car than use a rentable scooter or bike. Cities could change that dynamic.

Wildfire Risks Spark a Move to Microgrids in California

Microgrid systems would allow key institutions such as hospitals, municipal utilities and certain government agencies to continue to operate in the event of a natural disaster that interrupts electrical transmission.

Company to Give 50 Websites to Small Water & Sewer Districts

CivicPlus, which makes websites and other communications tools for government, is running the promotion specifically for the smallest water and sewer districts around. The giveaway includes 18 months of hosting.


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