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Michigan Hopes to Host Next Major Space Launch Facility

Lawmakers and the Michigan aerospace industry hope Wurtsmith Airport, a former military base in northern Michigan, can become a space launch facility where public and private industry could launch satellites.

App Makes Public Transit Easier for Riders with Disabilities

INIT Innovations in Transportation, which has developed software for use with buses, light rail and trains since 1999, designed ASSISTIVEtravel, a passenger information and journey planning app.

California High School to Teach Autonomous Vehicle Repair

A school district in California is partnering with the Contra Costa County Transportation Authority and autonomous electric shuttle maker Local Motors to provide technical education related to autonomous vehicles.

Employers Have the Power to Cut Single-Occupancy Trips

The Ignite Action Fund, spearheaded by Smart Columbus, has helped to transition commuters to other forms of shared transit by partnering with workplaces to offer the initiative as an employee benefit.

Indiana Utility Uses Drones for Power Line Inspections

The Northern Indiana Public Service Company will deploy small unmanned aircraft systems to identify any repair or maintenance that's needed on its energy infrastructure throughout Northwest Indiana.

The Latest Transit Trend Is Somewhere Between a Bus and Uber

Transit agencies in several cities have partnered with Via to provide curb-to-curb micro-transit. The idea behind these partnerships is to reduce barriers created by gaps in more traditional options.

Nevada to Add EV Charging Network Across Frequented Highway

As the technology becomes more prevalent, Nevada is looking to build electric vehicle charging stations across the section of Interstate 15, with plans calling for them be located at least every 50 miles.

Audi Connected Vehicle Project to Launch in Virginia

A partnership among Virginia DOT, Virginia Tech, Audi and Qualcomm will introduce connected vehicle technologies for Audi drivers in northern Virginia. Participants hope the technology will help save lives on roadways.

Study Measures U.S. Cities on Transportation, Climate Impact

The 2020 U.S. Transportation Climate Impact Index by StreetLight Data ranked the top 100 metro regions around key transportation metrics and for their contribution to greenhouse gases.

Wisconsin Utility Turns to AI to Reduce Wasted Power

Most Wisconsin households could save approximately $90 a year and slash energy use by selectively unplugging devices that draw power even when not in use, according to a recent study.


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