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What’s happening in the districts.
The challenges of defending water infrastructure are numerous. Many of the systems in California – and nationwide – are still operating with outdated software, poor passwords and other weaknesses that could leave them at risk.
Two years after the Port of Seattle lost $572,683 to phishing email scammers, the Washington state auditor's office has released the findings of an audit noting issues with consistency and adherence to procedures.
Dozens of New Jersey communities, school districts and private companies will soon be able to replace some of their diesel-burning heavy vehicles with electric versions thanks to funding from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
The web of wires connecting thousands of power plants to supply hundreds of millions of Americans is vulnerable to more than cyber attacks. A rise in physical attacks has also caused significant disruptions and losses.
Fifty-four of the 56 entities eligible for year one federal grants applied, and 10 have fulfilled the second part of the process by submitting their cybersecurity plans. A notice of funding opportunity is expected year two in the spring.
Unmanned aerial systems, more commonly known as drones, are increasingly being used to inspect power infrastructure. The devices remove many of the potential hazards that accompany human inspections.
The Japanese carmaker has teamed up with Oncor, a Dallas-based utility provider, to research how energy can be pulled from an electric car’s battery and put back into the electric grid when it is under strain.
An ad campaign that began in late summer has been reupped to educate drone pilots about the dangers posed by electrical lines and power infrastructure. An influx of the devices is expected over the holidays.
A new partnership between EPB and California-based Qubitekk will allow private companies, government and university researchers to test quantum equipment and applications in an established fiber-optic environment.
Forth is developing a free online learning portal for cities, counties and other organizations looking for resources around how to plan and develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure.