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Regional government organizations in Sacramento, Calif., and Denver have taken an oversight and data collection role around micromobility operations, showing that they are well positioned to navigate these planning efforts.
The recently passed legislation would take steps to regulate the state's energy companies ensuring that they improve their cybersecurity practices to avoid cyber attacks that could impact the electric grid.
From becoming carbon-neutral to having net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, 21 states are making the legislative push toward cleaner energy production. But these efforts are not without substantial challenges.
The state’s Department of Information Resources will operate the new center in partnership with Angelo State University in San Angelo. The initiative will serve a range of local government and utility entities.
Far from being too small for notice, special districts can be tempting targets for cyber criminals and adversaries. Former CISA Director Chris Krebs explains risks and advice, and districts share their cyber concerns.
The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has designated 16 sectors — ranging from banks and financial institutions to hospitals and election systems — as critical. But not all sectors have the same defense capabilities.
Federal lawmakers are asking how to better help the critical infrastructure sector defend against cyber threats. The answer may involve tailored, actionable intelligence and minimum cybersecurity requirements.
John Gonzalez, communications manager for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, on balancing the entertaining and the informative on Twitter and how to tailor messages for different social platforms.
As tensions between the U.S. and Russia mount, Cyberspace Solarium Commission members and critical infrastructure owners discussed the work ahead to collaborate more effectively on cyber defense.
The Antelope Valley Transit Authority in Southern California has become the first public transit agency in the nation with a fully electric fleet, saving the agency millions of dollars in operating and other costs.
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