A Government that Can't or Won't Pay Contractors

This applies equally well to employees of the federal government.

by Eric Holdeman / March 20, 2019

Claire Rubin, Senior Researcher, shared this link with us: The Lingering Scars of the Government Shutdown on Contractors. The truth of the matter is, is that everything about working for an untrustworthy vendor who you are serving and who doesn't pay his bills, applies also to the employees of the said organization when they don't get paid.

It used to be that government workers got good benefits and had a more secure job. As recent history has shown, with the government shutdown earlier in the year — that is no longer necessarily true. Attracting top talent, say like in the cybersercurity world, has been made more difficult due to the irrational actions of a few. 

These types of decisions have long-term consequences that go way beyond the period of the shutdown. 

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