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COVID-19: The Connection Between Schools and Businesses

In disaster recovery, normally it depends on housing, schools and businesses.

by Eric Holdeman / April 12, 2020

Fortunately, I guess we can say that the coronavirus has not impacted the ability of people to live in their homes due to the physical destruction of houses and apartments. Yet, the other two critical elements that provide for the recovery of a community are functioning schools and businesses.

Disaster history has shown time and again that these elements need to be in place for a city or county to bounce back from a disaster. Children need schools to attend and the parents need to be back at work. While some teachers complain that parents might look at schools as day care, there is some truth to the statement. 

I'm wondering here in Washington state how the early decision by the governor to not have children return to school this year might impact the ability of parents to return to work. We will see all of this play out in real time in the coming weeks. 

On Saturday, New York Gov. Cuomo spoke to the issue of schools and businesses being tied together and needing to be coordinated between one another. The early announcement by the mayor of New York that schools would not reopen this school year was a complicating factor. Cuomo appropriately said that in that metro area of three states, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, it would be best to coordinate their actions since people live and work in different localities within the tri-state area. 

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