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COVID Strikes Again

This time, it is me!

It has been over two years now that I've been writing about COVID-19, but I've expanded my research by personally testing positive for the virus.

To be clear, I could have done without the practical experience. I'm on day four of symptoms and I'm hoping that by tomorrow morning when I wake up I'll be feeling better.

I am grateful for the vaccines (Moderna) and being double-boosted. So, while all is not "well," it looks like I'll live.

No, I don't have a specific event to point to. There was an outdoor high school graduation ceremony with "lots of yelling" and then an outdoor party. Other than that, babysitting two granddaughters for five days was another risk factor, but they had already had their COVID months ago.

Life goes on. Now I'm going back to my "vegetative state" of watching movies.

My goal is to be out of isolation by next week Wednesday.
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