DHS Name Game

See if you can win this game — or not.

by Eric Holdeman / July 9, 2019

This is a pretty simple game to play. All it requires is knowledge of current affairs and who's who in the zoo at the Department of Homeland Security.

First, a fairly important position in the federal government. Who is the current "acting" secretary of Homeland Security? Given that you are beholden to them for most of your grant funding — it is an answer that your bosses would expect you to know off the top of your head.

The answer is: DHS Acting Secretary

Since many of you reading this are likely associated with emergency management in some form or fashion, you should know who has been nominated to replace Brock Long as FEMA administrator.

The answer is: FEMA Administrator Nominee

How did you do? 100 percent 50 percent or 0 percent?


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