Electric Grid is a Huge Cybersecurity Vulnerability

Lights Out book by Ted Koppel affirmed by recent news story.

by Eric Holdeman / December 25, 2015

It was only a few weeks ago that I blogged on the new Ted Koppel book about the cybersecurity risks to America's electrical grid, see Lights Out--Destroying America, One Infrastructure at a Time

Then earlier this week, the AP ran a story, AP Investigation: US power grid vulnerable to foreign hacks 

It is a affirmation of everything I've read in Koppel's book. And it confirms some of what I expect:

  • We really don't know how much penetration of our electrical grid has already occurred.
  • Companies overestimate their ability to keep their systems protected.
  • The federal government will not be able to assist to the degree that people might expect -- limited assets exist.
  • It is only a matter of time before someone pulls the trigger and takes down part of the grid.
  • Electrical grid outages could last not just days, but weeks -- even months, if there are damages to equipment.

That makes for a very fine Merry Christmas!

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