Pacific Northwest Stores Running Low on Supplies

And this is only because of a forecast snow event.

by Eric Holdeman / February 7, 2019

Examples of our "just in time" supply economy are easy to find almost everywhere. I pointed it out in an Op-ed to the Puget Sound Business Journal just a couple of weeks ago. 

Now here in the greater metropolitan area of Seattle we are seeing another example of "living on the edge." With snow forecast to start in a few hours, local food stores are being sold out of many commodities like bread, milk and canned goods. This as people stock-up for a few days of being hunkered down. 

I could be wrong, but I expect that some gas stations are also running out of supplies as people come in to top-off their gas tanks.

On the personal side, we stopped by the local Safeway and my wife went in to buy a loaf of bread while I ran another errand. last night I asked her if she grabbed a loaf from the "back side" of the row (to get the freshest). She replied, "I grabbed the only loaf left on the shelf!"  See this Combat Shopping in Seattle

Then on Wednesday, I spoke with a guy who worked his entire life in the grocery business. I relayed that I was told years ago that grocery stores would turn over their entire inventory in three days. He shared that at the store he worked at, bigger and busier, that turnover in inventory happened every two days. 

Thus, people should not be thinking that in an earthquake in the Northwest that they will be able to go buy food and other necessities at a store that is not being resupplied because of transportation interruptions, or unable to do transactions for a lack of electricity or ...

Will any lessons be learned from this snow event? — likely not!

Just an update on the storm/snow. We got 12 inches at our house. It is one time a three car driveway/garage is disadvantageous. Shovel, shovel, shovel...