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Possible Two Tropical Storms in Gulf of Mexico--Unprecedented

Climate change will make for many unprecedented weather events.

by Eric Holdeman / August 21, 2020

CNN is reporting Gulf Coast on alert as two tropical systems could threaten at the same time.

Quoting from the article, "We could be looking at two landfalls in a matter of just a day or two of each other at the beginning to middle part of next week, which is really unprecedented when you are talking about potentially two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico," said CNN Meteorologist Jennifer Gray."

Check out the potential for a "Fujiwhara effect"

Climate change will cause many an "unprecedented" weather event. We can look forward to more water in some places and less in others. Warmer temperatures, yet more snow fall. Oceans rising, lowland areas being consumed by the sea. Significant population displacement as fresh water becomes scarce in arid areas fed by mountain snow packs. More insect diseases in areas previously protected by cold temperatures, e.g. Mountain pine beetle which then feeds more massive wildland fires (California--right now), and on and on.

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