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Warm Gulf of Mexico Waters Portend an Active Hurricane Season

Multiple impacts from the record water temperatures.

Previously I've shared how wildfires can bring on long lasting EOC activations. Well, heat emergencies can do the same. We've had those in the Southwest and in recent days the Southeast has been suffering with a series of record temperatures and also very high humidity.

One of the driving factors to the oppressive heat in the Southeast is the record high water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico. The projection now is that those temperatures could feed more hurricanes for the rest of this season. As I've said before, it is possible that the season could "run longer" and not end in November.

Like wildfire season in California, it can be year long now, without a concentration just in the summer months.

Speaking for wildfires, I'm down in Oregon this week, and there are several fires burning with Level 3 evacuations (mandatory—get out now) being ordered. Structure protection units going to homes to try to protect them, etc.

The one blessing is that winds have been light and cooler temperatures are on the way, but today will be 102 degrees. One high wind event could blow this whole situation up, just like we saw in Maui.

Everyone, everywhere is no longer safe from the impact of disasters. Trouble, trouble, trouble!
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.