Sidewalk Labs Debuts a New Transportation Data Tool The new product, which will make its U.S. debut in Kansas City and Chicago, aims to pull a lot of very specific data from smartphone locations that might otherwise be pretty hard to work with. How do they do it? By doing a lot of very educated guessing.

Texas Hires Deloitte to Manage Digital Services, AI Assistant Project The state has chosen the consulting and technology giant to help it deliver digital services, including developing an AI assistant to help citizens use

Salt Lake City, New York City Take on Wireless Tech Research The cities are the first to receive money from the National Science Foundation aimed at promoting wireless communications tech to enable next-generation tools like IoT, self-driving vehicles virtual reality and more.

ShotSpotter Loses a Customer because of Inaccuracy Concerns Fall River, Mass., is severing ties with ShotSpotter when the gunshot-detection system registered accuracy rates far below what the company reports is typical.


Which States are Fighting for Net Neutrality? The FCC's decision to end net neutrality has officially gone into effect, but several states have moved to come up with workarounds either pushing or requiring Internet service providers to stick to the old rules anyway. Here's which states are doing it.


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