Missouri Embraces Metrics on the Path to Digital

In demonstrating success on the path to digital government, Missouri CIO Rich Kliethermes stresses the importance of data in telling your story.

Many state CIOs describe themselves as advocates for digital government, backed by strong executive leadership and innovative IT staff across the organization. The 2016 Digital States survey from the Center for Digital Government identified Missouri as one of five states deserving of an "A" grade in its bi-annual survey measuring the effectiveness of technology efforts at the state level. 

At the NASCIO conference this past September in Florida, Missouri CIO Rich Kliethermes credited his state's success, in part, to its ability to quantify results. 

Missouri also received special recognition from the Center for Digital Government for its IT achievements related to public safety. Here, Kliethermes describes recent modernization projects from the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Department of Corrections.  

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