Fairfield, New Jersey, Police Department Awards Fleet Management Contract

The solution can be used to track police vehicles, emergency equipment as well as criminals and stolen packages.

by / February 3, 2009

The Fairfield, N.J., Police Department has awarded an automated vehicle locator contract. Mobile Trak Pro will provide the police department with the ability to view the exact location of each vehicle, increasing the safety of their officers and the ability to deploy tracking devices to help fight crime.

The Web-based software is also capable of generating reports that enables the police department to analyze police vehicle movements for training purposes and to ultimately enhance their service to the community.

"I am impressed with the rich features, functionality and accuracy of this Web-based application. We are looking forward to implementing the Mobile Trak Pro solution after exhaustive research and vendor demonstrations," said Chief Charles Voelker. "Mobile Trak Pro is the only multi-agency AVL application that will enable us to enter into a shared services and or centralized dispatch environment at no additional cost," added Chief Voelker.

StarPath Technologies Mobile Trak Pro solution can be used to track police vehicles, emergency equipment as well as criminals and stolen packages.

StarPath offers government agencies a free thirty day trial period. StarPath Technologies will ship modems to potential clients that meet our criteria and enable them to track two to three of their vehicle in real-time, on a system dedicated to their vehicles for a full thirty days with no cost or obligation.

Mobile Trak Pro is the only Web-based multi-agency system that allows several clients to access their vehicles on a single server. The system can be configured to view their agency vehicles only or to be able to view the vehicles of all agencies. It is the perfect solution for shared services and or the centralized dispatched of numerous jurisdictions. Multiple security levels control access to view the vehicles. StarPath does not charge police departments for configuring additional agencies on the single installation, as it is a standard feature of the Mobile Trak Pro system.