ITAA Applauds Report on E-Waste Policy Issues

"Developing a common-sense approach to the e-recycling challenge"

by / July 18, 2006
The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) today applauded a U.S. Technology Administration report studying policy issues surrounding a national recycling program for electronic devices.

"We hope this report will help policymakers and legislators to make well-informed decisions and assist them in developing a common-sense approach to the e-recycling challenge," said Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology Robert Cresanti.

According to the Technology Administration, electronics recyclers estimate that an average of three billion units will be scrapped during the rest of this decade, or an average of about 400 million units a year. The report, titled "Recycling Technology Products: An Overview of E-Waste Policy Issues," provides an overview of the issues as they affect the technology industry, retailers, recyclers and consumers and also summarizes their positions and concerns.