Cameras Watch Cameras in Prince George’s County, Md.

The county adds cameras to curb vandalism of traffic cameras.

by / September 24, 2012

In an attempt to combat rampant vandalism of its traffic monitoring cameras, Prince George’s County, Md., has added, well, more cameras.

According to Washington, D.C., area radio station WTOP, County Police Maj. Robert Liberati, in charge of the Automated Enforcement Section for Prince George’s County, reported that one surveillance camera has been added, with several more planned before the end of 2012. The new cameras are positioned in close proximity to existing traffic cameras to deter future acts of vandalism and presumably arm law enforcement with evidence should additional damage be done.

Several traffic cameras have been struck since April. Various methods have been used, reportedly to demonstrate the public’s distaste for being monitored via the cameras. One camera was shot, while another was set ablaze. Four others were also compromised and removed from service. The cameras cost the city between $30,000 and $100,000 each to replace.

“I think traffic itself is the cause of frustration [toward speed cameras]," Liberati said. "But we have a duty to make the roads safe, even if takes a couple extra minutes to get to your destination."

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