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Minnesota, Florida Outline Cybersecurity Plans

State CIOs weigh in on the issue that's topping their priority lists.

by / September 20, 2016
Minnesota CIO Tom Baden Jessica Mulholland/Government Technology

ORLANDO, Fla. — In conjunction with Deloitte Consulting, NASCIO officials released their 2016 cybersecurity study on day two of the organization's annual conference in Orlando. Survey data across multiple organizations validates the fact that the issue consistently tops the list of concerns for IT chiefs in the public sector.  

That's definitely true in Minnesota, where CIO Tom Baden talked to Government Technology about progress to date, and what's next on his cyberagenda. 

In Florida, risk assessments are now underway for certain state agencies, with more expected next year. CIO Jason Allison also talked about the important role the National Guard now plays in helping the state get cyber-ready. 

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