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The city of Austin is one of 150 government agencies and institutions throughout the state of Texas that has utilized GTY solutions for digital transformation. Here's why and how Austin has gone more digital.
Hacking of patient info reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have soared 153 percent to 276 incidents this year compared with the same period in 2020, according to a federal database.
Between April 27 and July 16, hackers attacked Florida's unemployment insurance website. The criminals may have acquired up to about 58,000 Social Security numbers of unemployed Floridians, among other data.
Some state legislators feel it should be illegal for organizations to pay ransomware criminals, as payments may encourage more attacks. However, a number of cybersecurity experts have spoken against such bans.
Criminal ransomware attacks launched from Russia have shaken the U.S. but are not particularly valuable to Putin, experts say. The right political pressure could reduce this kind of cyber crime.
A group of scammers used bots to accumulate and resell passport application appointments from the U.S. Department of State, which was forced to take its appointment system offline.
Pavel Tsurkan, an Estonian cyber criminal, has admitted that he devised a scheme that compromised over 1,000 devices and routers in order to facilitate various online crimes across the world.
Water may be among the least cyber-defended critical infrastructure sectors. Keeping it safe may include channeling more funds and training to tiny agencies and establishing voluntary guidelines.
Supporting one — voting rights or election security — doesn't mean the other must be tossed to the side. Political parties and the media have created a false narrative that threatens to further divide the country.
The Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology is looking for its next chief information security officer. Deborah Blyth will remain in the position until Aug. 13 before rejoining the private sector.
Under a new law, Connecticut businesses are getting a shield against punitive damages customers or business partners might seek in court after identity theft or other disruptions from an information system intrusion.
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox has appointed Department of Human Services Director Christopher Bramwell as the state’s first Department of Government Operations privacy officer. He will focus on protecting residents’ personal data.
Last year, fraudsters swindled thousands of dollars from Michigan’s unemployment insurance program using the celebrity names “Kimberly Kardashian” and “Kylie Jenner.” Michigan has since improved its fraud detection.
Sunset Beach, N.C., faced a series of ransomware attacks over a six-week period. Fortunately, the local IT team recovered most of the town’s documents and has taken multiple steps to improve security.
To increase Indiana’s cybersecurity stance, a recently enacted bill will require state agencies and political subdivisions to report all threats to the state’s Office of Technology within two business days.