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New Resolutions: Seven Team Building Actions for Government Leaders

As you think about resolutions for the coming year, or the next four years in government, don't forget your people. Here are seven important actions to consider.

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State of the Union: Ready for bipartisan cyber action

This should be the year that significant bipartisan progress is made on cybersecurity legislation, with new laws set to pass on issues ranging from data breach notification to sharing sensitive cyber intelligence between the public and private sectors. In fact, since President Obama and Republican congressional leaders can't agree on much else, cybersecurity action is moving to center stage.

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Virtual Reality Will Be More Than a Game Changer

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas drew huge crowds again this year, with audiences seeing, touching and enjoying the hottest new gadgets and technology. From cars that drive you to drones that are smart to 4K high-definition TVs, it was all there. But the biggest story of all, may be the virtual reality (VR) revolution. VR tools and devices will transform 21st century IT infrastructure.

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7 Essential IT Infrastructure Strategies that Customers Need Now

As we begin 2015, what do your customers really need from you? What is your government technology infrastructure plan of action for the coming year? Here are seven must-have strategies for enterprises to enable long-lasting innovation.

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The Top 15 Security Predictions for 2015

Predictions are everywhere. Most security companies now make them. As I examined 2015 lists and checked them twice, everyone is saying that our online situation will get worse. But how much worse? What surprises await us? Here's what technology experts are saying - along with my naughty and nice labels.

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2014: The year cyber danger doubled

Cybersecurity stories were more popular than ever in 2014, with the word 'cyber' showing up in front of topics ranging from security to shopping scams to global online attacks. But no matter how we rename, reclassify or reanalyze the data in cyberspace, it is clear that the dollars spent, problems encountered and attention given cyber has virtually doubled in 2014.

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Despite lower pay, how can successful leaders change culture in government?

Recent reports show that morale is low across the nation for government employees. Are there answers that can help even as public sector pay lags behind the private sector? Here's an example to consider.

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BYOD Is Everywhere: Wear Your Own Device Is Next

Everyone is bringing their own devices to work. But is sensitive data being secured properly on our smartphones and tablets? Soon, new technology will be worn wherever we go. Is your enterprise preparing for WYOD?

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Tips to Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams Online

Another Cyber Monday, and more online sales records will be set. What can you do to protect yourself at home and work?

We have reached another Cyber Monday, with experts reporting that this holiday weekend is breaking all previous records for online shopping. Early projections were that online purchases would account for 44% of total Christmas sales this year. READ MORE

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Michigan Governor Snyder Releases New Cyber Initiative for Next Four Years

The North American International Cyber Summit was held in Detroit's Cobo Hall on Nov. 16-17, 2014, and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled an updated 'Michigan Cyber Initiative 2015.' Here are the details on the event and the new cyber plan that's a model for the nation.

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