Disaster Zone

Give the Gift of Disaster Preparedness

What everyone needs, what few have and so easy to give.

by Eric Holdeman / November 27, 2012

It is this time of year, after Thanksgiving, that everyone gets serious about figuring out what gifts to give their loved ones.  Especially, what to get Dad or Mom who have everything they need.  It can be a challenge--for sure.  As kids turn into teenagers there are only certain things they want, specific brands, etc.


Enter the solution!  Why not give the gift of disaster preparedness?  As we have seen from the long list of disasters that have played out on our television screens in this last year alone, someday everyone will need to use a kit, that is if they have one.  You need a kit at home, in your car and at work.


The best solution is always to put one together yourself and build it to suit your individual needs.  Failing that, and since you are looking to purchase a kit for someone, one good solution is American Preparedness  


They are what I would call a small Mom and Pop operation.  Jeff and Jan Guite are totally committed to getting people prepared for emergencies and disasters.  Just about every month I get a call from Jeff with him pitching a new idea about how to better engage people in becoming prepared.  We have worked together for the Thousand Points of Light to provide kits for low income households, and we also did a program for a low income housing area.  He is one of the biggest activists promoting disaster preparedness that I personally know.  They furnish kits to the Red Cross and COSTCO and soon a major office supplies company.


Check out their website.  They have all sorts of kits and if you have a larger company and want one built specifically to your specifications they can do that too.  Think about who isn't prepared and include at least one kit in their life.  For a teen I recommend in the car, and throw in a hoodie too since they don't seem to know what coats are.