Start-Up Behind Self-Driving Robots Raises $114M

Mike Freeman, The San Diego Union-Tribune / July 21, 2017

5 Reasons Pittsburgh is Still Tops in Autonomous Vehicles

Aaron Aupperlee, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review / July 21, 2017

Using Crowdsourced Dashcam Videos to Map Roads for Robot Cars

Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle / July 20, 2017

Comcast Wants FCC to Repeal Net Neutrality to Make Data Fast Lanes for Autonomous Cars

Giuseppe Macri,, Washington, D.C. / July 19, 2017

Microsoft Cloud to Power Open-Source Apollo Driverless Car Program

Matt Day, The Seattle Times / July 19, 2017

California's GoMentum Station Forges International Partnerships

/ July 18, 2017

How the Bay Area Took the Wheel of the Autonomous Vehicle Industry

David R. Baker and Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle / July 18, 2017

Toyota Eyes Boston as Self-Driving Vehicle Testing Ground

Jordan Graham, Boston Herald / July 18, 2017

French Self-Driving Company to Build First Plant in U.S.

Eric D. Lawrence, Detroit Free Press / July 18, 2017

Millennials More Likely to Trust Autonomous Cars, Survey Says

Marie Fazio, The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville / July 17, 2017
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