Memphis Deaths Put Police Technology in Limelight

A press conference following the deaths of two civilians had the mayor of Memphis asking for new police technology that could prevent future accidents.

by / September 4, 2012
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Following two recent civilian deaths in Memphis, Tenn., Mayor A C Wharton asked the City Council to fund new technology for police cars. The new GPS-based technology could help improve safety and prevent such deaths, Wharton said during a press conference, reported

On Aug. 26, a rookie police officer responding to a call drove his cruiser into a Ford Contour, killing Delores Epps, 54, and Makayla Ross, 13, who were in the back seat. The driver and front seat passenger of the Contour were left in critical condition. The officer has since been released from the hospital.

Witnesses to the collision said the officer was speeding and was not using his lights or siren. The Tennessee Highway Patrol will conduct an independent investigation into the accident.

The new technology being called for is a GPS device that will allow police to identify squad car location, speed and equipment being used. The system could also include in-car cameras that turn on at certain speeds.

"Whatever the cost is, I don't think it's too much, particularly if it's going to (help) officer safety," Wharton said.

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