Veritas Releases Data Lifecycle Manager Update

Veritas Releases Data Lifecycle Manager Update

by / April 5, 2004
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- April 3, 2004 -- Veritas Software Corp. has announced the release of its Data Lifecycle Manager 5.0 software. The package is designed to help organizations meet global regulatory requirements for data management, from creation to deletion, across all storage media. In addition, Veritas announced new partnerships aimed at offering integrated solutions to simplify and standardize management and archiving of structured and unstructured data using the common Data Lifecycle Manager API.

Previously customers with archiving and retrieval requirements could only choose from point product solutions, each having its own storage infrastructure and requiring specialized IT talent and disparate technical support. Using Veritas Data Lifecycle Manager, said the company, customers can automate the management of files and messaging data using powerful policy-driven retention, migration and deletion processes.

"Customers are faced with nonstop data growth, limited IT budgets and new government and industry regulations that require them to retain, track, locate and retrieve growing amounts of information, and document these processes," said Brenda Zawatski, vice president of product marketing for Veritas. "In addition to the capabilities of Data Lifecycle Manager, we've created an alliance program which offers customers ways to centrally manage a broad range of data formats, helping them achieve regulatory compliance while controlling IT costs."

To back the move, the company also announced the opening of a new Solutions Center in New York City to provide customers joint solution overviews and expanded partnership technologies. The first new such partnership announced is between Princeton Softech and Veritas. Princeton Softech's database archiving solutions is being integrated with Data Lifecycle Manager.

The partnership signifies lifecycle management's evolution beyond e-mails and fixed documents to now include database applications like Oracle and PeopleSoft.

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Blake Harris Contributing Editor