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As part of the California state budget, Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed the merging of the Office of Digital Innovation (ODI) with CalData. The new amalgamation will be called the Office of Data and Innovation.
The IT and consulting firm serves state and local agencies — including large departments in California — and is also working on a rebrand and new website. New subscription services are also in the mix for M Corp clients.
Open source vulnerabilities are everyone’s problem, and, with memories of Log4Shell still fresh (and cleanup still underway), House lawmakers are asking how and where the federal government can help.
The town has opted for a cyber recovery vault, along with machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, to streamline its recovery in case of a cyber attack. The move also stems the tide of ad hoc IT implimentations.
The Justice in Forensic Algorithms Act aims to ensure that when algorithmic analyses are used as evidence in court, defendants get to know how the tools reached their conclusions and allow them to contest the results.
In creating or improving digital assets like websites, government entities often talk about the importance of “user-centered design.” But what does that really mean, and what does it look like in action?
As insurance costs and requirements rise, some municipalities are looking to self-insurance and service providers’ cyber incident warranties to help in cases of ransomware and other incidents.
The money will be used by the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab to update equipment, buy rapid DNA identification technology, and improve the hardware and software used in the lab, as well as adding robotic systems where possible.
The relatively new Office of the National Cyber Director has named Kemba Walden, Neal Higgins and Rob Knake to serve as deputy national cyber directors, the White House said in an announcement today.
Using the Center for Digital Government's surveys of cities and counties across the U.S., we've identified the tech companies most commonly named as a top partner for public-sector IT organizations.
Log4Shell, Microsoft Exchange and several patchable flaws top the list of 2021’s most commonly exploited vulnerabilities. The lesson may be a well-worn one: patch systems promptly or work with partners that can.
Policymakers had other plans for the building that housed the state’s main data center. But as Utah CIO Alan Fuller explains, IT is using the opportunity to advance its multi-vendor cloud plan.
Gov. Gavin Newsom's executive order places the state among the first to create “a comprehensive and harmonized framework” for assessing how state and public institutions can use blockchain technology.
The Delaware Department of Technology and Information has added two key hires to its ranks — a chief of administration and broadband manager — to help it deliver on its broadband and technology goals.
Apple claims Rivos systematically poached more than 40 former apple employees over the last year. Some of the former employees allegedly stole chip design secrets from Apple to make Rivos a competitor in the market.