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Hopefully, it Is a Y2K Election

Preparations and joint action were the Y2K solution.

by Eric Holdeman / November 1, 2020

For everyone who did not live through the preparations for the Year 2000 (Y2K) problem, check the link. Basically, programmers had always used 1999 as the end date for computers to do their processing. If that little "glitch" in programming wasn't fixed, many thought we would be going back to the stone age, or least the Bronze Age.

As you can see now, the wheels did not come off the technological bus because everyone, business and government alike, took action. It is a terrific example of how the mobilization of resources to address an issue can be successful if we all work on the same problem simultaneously. 

Which brings us to election year 2020. Today the concern is not technological, but human. What will happen if the president refuses to accept his losing the election (which is not a given). Will he, as he has alluded to, mobilize all his resources to fight an "illegal and corrupt election full of fraudulent mail-in ballots that are counted after the election (per their individual state mandates, where some state legislatures have prohibited election officials from counting the ballots before the election, not even allowing the paper ballots to be opened.)

What law enforcement officials at all levels of government are considering and working towards is what needs to be done on election day itself to keep polling places open, voters free from intimidation, and to prevent any form of violence. 

On Jan. 1, 2000, I held a news conference to announce that "All is well in King County." We did not suffer any computer meltdowns. Globally, the lights stayed on, the water flowed and everyone in the United States watched college football bowl games. Much ado about nothing...

This the best we can hope for. A Y2K outcome that is not fueled by false accusations of massive voter fraud. The enduring legacy of the United States that has yet to be tarnished by such accusations needs to continue. The peaceful transition of power is what has made us different from all the banana republic dictators who refuse to accept election results. 

I'm looking forward hopefully to a "day after, Y2K election." You will have to wait for Thursday evening for any football. 

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