Numb to Violence

Is there anything left to cause outrage?

by Eric Holdeman / July 30, 2019

The latest shooting at a California food festival is just another blip on our American stream of violence that is being perpetuated across the United States. 

Three of the most horrendous shootings in recent memory are the Sandy Hook murders of innocent children, the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and then the Los Vegas concert massacre that holds the current record for deaths in a mass shooting. I expect there is some sick individual thinking about how they might top that number.

Yet, there is no outrage that changes policies or funding. Special interest groups hold sway over legislators while thoughts and prayers are offered. 

It is just another ho-hum day of death in America. 

What does this mean for state and local emergency managers? I'd add a "Mass Shooting" category to your list of hazards to plan for. It would be a good topic for a tabletop discussion with first responders. Then I'd prepare an "Annex Template" that fits this hazard for every community event that your jurisdiction hosts.

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