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Emerging Tech

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Several cities in Northeastern Ohio, from Cleveland to Canton, are using American Rescue Plan Act dollars for surveillance-related technology. Experts remain skeptical about surveillance tech's effect on crime.
Gov. Gavin Newsom's executive order places the state among the first to create “a comprehensive and harmonized framework” for assessing how state and public institutions can use blockchain technology.
New Mexico's proposed clean-car rule, which received a public hearing yesterday, would require electric vehicles to account for 7 percent of new car sales starting in January 2025.
The restoration of Hangar One, a Silicon Valley icon that is a landmark reminder of a bygone era of giant dirigibles, is slated to get into high gear under a project being led by Google’s Planetary Ventures unit.
West Virginia CIO Josh Spence describes the problem of letting buzzwords get in the way of tech’s utility, plus how his state is using artificial intelligence for fraud detection.
Gov. Mark Gordon's administration launched a new dashboard with digital tools to support businesses, job seekers and educators in the state with resources about new emerging workforce opportunities.
The "Tesla bill" would allow electric-vehicle manufacturers to sell to Connecticut consumers without having a dealership with a maintenance and service center. The bill faces too much opposition to pass this year.
For training purposes, police in Westfield, Mass., can now experience de-escalation and use-of-force situations through virtual reality. One advantage of VR training is that officers can train day or night with the tech.
The Pittsburgh Robotics Network is made up of about 140 organizations, which includes more than 90 commercial robotics businesses, securing the region as a central hub for robotics research and development.
With wildfires becoming bigger and more destructive as the West dries out and heats up, agencies and officials tasked with preventing and battling the blazes could soon have a new tool to add to their arsenal.
Pennsylvania CIO John MacMillan explained that emerging tech has always been part of IT services. As long as it solves a problem, a technology is innovative regardless of whether it’s cutting edge.
In a vote along party lines, the Connecticut Legislature has passed a bill that would require state agencies to switch to electric vehicles. The bill also expands the state's existing EV rebate program.
A lithium-ion battery, if managed well, can have a long initial life in an electric vehicle and even a second life for other uses. Battery components should also be recycled to reduce the need for heavy metals mining.
West Virginia's four legislative leaders joined the West Virginia Hydrogen Hub Coalition on Thursday, adding their support and their voices to those who are already working to bring a hub to West Virginia.
The U.S. Department of Defense has given the go-ahead to build a new prototype nuclear micro-reactor at the 890-square-mile Idaho National Laboratory, which is located west of Idaho Falls, Idaho.