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Federal and state government figures alike are eyeing a greater role for nuclear development and for regulatory authority in West Virginia's future, with hopes that that type of power can ease transition off coal.
Plus, AI will help make offside calls at the World Cup, research reveals social media users’ satisfaction with Twitter and Facebook, and the Department of Energy gives out a major loan.
SAIC, based in Huntsville, Ala., has developed technology to track and take control of drones suspected of smuggling drugs or invading restricted airspace. The technology can identify and take command of UAVs roughly six miles away.
As public agencies embrace real-time data and push computing out of the office and into the urban landscape, edge computing can handle all that information more quickly. But there’s more work to do.
In partnership with, the Florida Department of Transportation is piloting a new technology solution that aims to improve work zone safety throughout the state's highway network with real-time updates.
Fremont, Calif., has long been the manufacturing hub of the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem, but it is quickly becoming a focal point in the battery and green energy storage space as the need for the technology increases.
Four pilot projects in cities across the country demonstrated some of the everyday challenges faced by deployments of small, self-operating delivery robots. The infrastructure the device must navigate can be a major limitation.
At a boarding school in Switzerland, the Rosenberg Space Habitat allows students to explore hands-on what it will take to work, explore and live well on the moon.
City health and emergency workers in Allentown, Pa., are seeing the positive impact of the video remote interpreting technology as part of a pilot program to improve health-care accessibility.
A multipronged proposal to advance home-grown agricultural technology, job training and support for small-scale farmers in the central San Joaquin Valley received a major boost in the form of a $65.1 million award.
Robotic people-moving pods were recently tested at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The autonomous electric vehicles are designed to transport people in need of assistance in crowded places like airports and malls.
Through student-faculty discussions about how synchronous online courses should look, among other avenues, educators at Minerva University hope to use the science of learning to improve virtual learning.
Energy industry leaders and elected officials are eyeing West Virginia as the potential site of massive federal investments to support the White House's plan to decarbonize the industrial sector.
The uncrewed mission is the first test flight for a huge rocket built by Boeing, with Monday being the earliest window for take off and Friday and next Monday providing other potential windows.
Waymo announced earlier this week its fleet of self-driving semi-tractor-trailers would increase to 60. In addition, the company will begin operating on public roads in Texas and Arizona.