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Justice and Public Safety

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Teen hackers are becoming powerful cyber criminals, and their misbehavior is often hidden from parents until it becomes a felony. Now, authorities are aiming to divert teen hackers from cyber crime into cybersecurity.
Tall poles with flashing blue lights, solar panels, cameras and loudspeakers are popping up in the parking lots of some Maine businesses, drawing attention, questions and criticism.
Law enforcement officials have cracked down on the illegal behavior, with some agencies using pickup trucks outfitted with cameras for a higher vantage point to peer into vehicles and catch distracted driving.
The city has an existing contract with gunfire detection company ShotSpotter, and will add its devices to the area, considered a shopping hub. The move follows a shots-fired incident earlier this year outside a mall.
New cars are packed with sensors and cameras these days, and among the newest locations for one is inside the rearview mirror, pointed backward toward the driver and passengers.
Joan Lawcewicz, a financial crimes investigator in Chippewa Falls, Wis., said that artificial intelligence has made this type of scam even more problematic and easier to fool the unsuspecting public.
Dedrone, the company Axon acquired, makes software, sensors and AI that help Ukraine defend against enemy drones — and protect utilities, prisons and public spaces in the U.S. Dedrone had raised $127 million from Axon and other investors.
The online guide, accessible via the Bridgeport Police Department website, aggregates information from emergency dispatch to show burglaries and vehicle thefts. Residents can view incident dates, times and partial locations.
The Merrillville Police Department's adoption of drones has proved effective in their efforts to fight crime, according to a press release Monday from the town of Merrillville.
The company, which sells data integration software for state and local agencies, plans a hiring spree. The company is eyeing steady growth as more governments demand better ways to assemble and use data.
The Chelsea School District outside Ann Arbor, Mich., is using a gun detection system that integrates existing cameras to visualize someone with a gun and immediately report it and key details to a monitoring center.
Thurston County Sheriff Derek Sanders had been seeking approval to buy and pilot a small number of trackers in anticipation of rollbacks of state laws limiting police pursuits.
The owner of Clearfiber Inc., an Internet service provider in Monongalia County, was charged with money laundering after allegedly defrauding a United States Department of Agriculture grant program.
The state requires investor-owned utilities to submit annual plans that provide a comprehensive overview of each utility's strategies for mitigating wildfire risk and keeping customers and communities safe.
After the success of an AI-powered wildfire threat detection pilot, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources envisions how a real-time camera response center could safeguard millions of acres of forestlands.