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Ashley Laymon leads Maryland’s portfolio office, an organization she describes as a business relationship management team, bridging the gap between central IT and state agencies working on technology projects.
First responders — from police to firemen — in Amherst, N.Y., often have trouble communicating during emergencies when they're only 100 feet away from each other. The town wants COVID-19 dollars to change that.
A press conference lasting less than 10 minutes was held Friday to address the April 16 cyber attack, but it remains unclear if any data was breached or when all city services will come back online.
Stipulations in the Colorado Open Records Act make it difficult for the public to obtain documents and information that should be readily available. A reform bill was drafted for a fix but was rejected.
Governments may be reluctant to invest in metaverse-based services without a clearer sense of how the space is forming and how residents want to use it. These early days could be time for learning what the technologies might offer and how interventions could encourage equitable development.
Cities are looking to ensure privacy is considered when weighing surveillance technology procurements and data handling procedures. Oakland, Calif., introduced a privacy advisory commission, but it’s not the only model at play.
Following an announcement from Twitter that the long awaited “edit” feature is currently in the testing process, and news about Elon Musk taking on ownership, what do government social media managers need to know?
Central, La., is now allowing its police department to use nine license plate readers as a way to apprehend car thieves and other criminals. However, privacy experts say the technology invites corruption.
Yesterday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that former NYC CIO Jessica Tisch will take over as commissioner of the Department of Sanitation. Tisch left the CIO position back in February.
Michigan Secretary of State Joceyln Benson walked back the statement that her office wouldn't release to media the driving records of "victims of violence" just seven hours after she made the comment.
The Southside Network Authority in Virginia has broken ground for a new fiber ring that will connect five cities in the state. The network will even be linked to subsea fiber-optic lines in the Atlantic.
The Nebraska State Unit on Aging has partnered with, a virtual learning platform, to bolster digital skills and a wide range of other life skills among older adults across the state.
The Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center in Windber, Pa., is in the process of developing a new telehealth program that aims to provide a higher quality of care. The program will help keep needed hospital beds open.
The Jefferson County Public Library has unveiled what it believes to be a national first: a "ghost library." Residents can access the library if they obtain a library card and pin number.
NASCIO's first study focused on diversity and inclusion in state IT — building on the findings of previous workforce-related studies — includes recommendations for states to launch diversity and inclusion efforts.