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The new product embeds in Microsoft 365 and can save officials from labor-intensive work to save minutes, correspondence and other documents. Other companies, too, have found opportunity in this gov tech niche.
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Officials with the county said the launch of a new 3D zoning software system will make it easier for residents and developers to navigate development codes and land use information.
PayIt sells payments, licensing and outdoor permitting tech, and recently raised $90 million. Nieto talks about how the company intends to grow in 2024, and what his experience helping to lead Accela taught him.
Acquia, which helps businesses build digital tools, is buying the platform, which is meant to make online experiences better for people with disabilities. CivicPlus will still serve local clients interested in Monsido.
The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality recently integrated an online application feature into its comprehensive digital hub, consolidating records, data, mapping tools and permitting into one location.
The state of Pennsylvania has announced the addition of select resources to the electronic Power Library, providing constituents with tools to learn new languages, learn about their heritage and more.
Solano County is looking to combine offices to assist county property owners through backlogs, tests and delays that have come with the rollout of the county's new property tax system.
The two government technology firms will combine their strengths in online forms, contract applications, ID verification, digital workflows and other areas. GovBuilt has been in the software business for 30 years.
The constituent management software provider plans to hire more people and boost customer service as it grows. Polimorphic recently launched a natural language search tool for local governments.
A survey from the gov tech company Springbrook Software found that most people prefer to pay their local government bills online, but they want easier navigation, better access to data and better payment options.
A program to grant Baltimore residents city identification cards may move forward seven years after it was greenlighted by legislation that went through the Baltimore City Council.
Generative AI can transform government by enhancing operational efficiency and the constituent experience.
Suma Nallapati, who was appointed to serve as CIO for the city and county of Denver earlier this fall, plans to take a human-centered approach to IT to help actualize the mayor’s vision for a vibrant region.
The city has seen a tenfold increase in resident engagement through the integration of a platform that helps to manage and react to the input coming from surveys, social media and the city’s website.
The MyBenefits CalWIN site has begun redirecting users to a brand-new online portal,, where they will create new accounts and link to the personal information already in their files.
The state recently launched an in-house secure online auction site, overcoming unique challenges. The project is projected to save the state $250,000 a year. Here’s a look at the most popular items listed.