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The 25-year cybersecurity expert, currently the security leader for the state elections board, plans to strengthen the IT department's cyber maturity via deeper collaboration with local, state and federal partners.
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The New York county government has converted its website and email addresses to .gov domains. The addresses require stricter security control and are only available to U.S.-based government agencies.
A nation-state sponsored actor is using living-off-the-land techniques to hide its activity and spy on U.S. targets, and possibly plan communication disruptions, Microsoft said. CISA and Microsoft released details to help potential victims identify and mitigate the threat.
John Petrozzelli takes over after Stephanie Helm stepped down from the director position in January. He brings cybersecurity experience from his time in the Air Force, FBI and private sector.
The industry group TechNet, which represents several Silicon Valley tech giants like Apple and Meta, is trying to push Maine lawmakers away from ACLU-backed privacy legislation that the group says is too broad.
A failed cybersecurity attack is responsible for Newport News Public Library branch computers being out of operation the past three weeks, with city officials saying they blocked the attack.
Dallas police are struggling to access evidence amid an ongoing ransomware attack that is disrupting trials, according to defense lawyers who are exasperated after months of pervasive evidence storage issues.
In today’s challenging threat environment, government agencies must have a holistic, multifaceted security strategy to increase their cyber resilience.
The data, released by the ransomware group Play, seems to include personal and personnel data such as medical billing records and employee disciplinary cases. The data was posted on the dark web May 11.
More state, local and educational entities should follow cybersecurity frameworks and ensure all staff participate in regular cybersecurity awareness training, the performance audit advised. Plus, the state legislative branch needs to develop both short-term and long-term cyber plans.
The grant looks to build off of last year's Internet Safety Labs study which noted that almost all ed-tech apps had shared students' personal info with third parties. New funding will allow the research to continue.
Student data, including names, birth dates and addresses, are not always kept secure by school districts or the state Education Department, the state Comptroller's Office found in an audit issued Tuesday.
Cybersecurity experts say deepfake technology has advanced to the point where it can be used in real time, enabling fraudsters to replicate someone's voice, image and movements in a call or virtual meeting.
Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer has been consulting experts on the best way to regulate the advanced technology. Under his framework, independent experts would have to test new AI technologies before they are publicly released or updated.
Experts shared the benefits and risks posed by quickly emerging AI systems. In addition to the standard security concerns the technology brings, experts were quick to share some of the workforce efficiencies it provides as well.
CIO Shawn Nailor outlines the new cross-agency cyber council Vermont hopes to establish this year that would support critical infrastructure like hospitals and utilities in the event of a cyber attack.