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A U.S. district court judge has issued a temporary injunction against an Arkansas law that mandates social media companies to use third-party vendors for age verification checks on new users or face substantial fines.
With the new law, Texas has launched an online portal for incident reports, giving local government 48 hours to inform the state of ransomware or other suspected cybersecurity breaches.
The pandemic sparked growth in free digital tools for students and teachers. As that trend continues, student privacy protections are gaining more focus — and, it seems, more enforcement.
In 2022, the Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team at the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) witnessed cyber threat actors (CTAs) step up their attack attempts against U.S. State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) government organizations.
The gang database “typecast minority youths as gang members without evidence, putting them at risk of false arrest and wrongful deportation,” according to a report by the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project.
A suburban public school district in Pennsylvania has restored Internet connectivity after disconnecting its network last week due to an unspecified security threat, the details of which are still not public.
The prize will focus on rural and municipal electric utilities that lack cyber resources, offering winners funding and technical assistance to help boost their cybersecurity efforts.
Learn how enterprise service management (ESM) can support digital transformation for your organization. With ESM, you can improve service delivery and efficiencies both in IT and in other departments.
The State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program could send $1 billion from the federal government down to states and cities, but before anyone gets the money, the spending plans must be approved.
Carlisle Area School District shut down its Internet system Sept. 1 to investigate a possible security breach, although the district's phones and website remained operational.
Attorneys for a former student and former employee alleged in federal court that the university violated the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act by not doing more to prevent a data breach.
For the first time since the incident, City Manager T.C. Broadnax recently agreed to a sit-down talk about how hackers were able to access the personal information of at least 30,000 people.
Reports from cybersecurity companies in 2023 show mixed trends regarding the number of global data breaches, ransomware attacks, records affected and government costs. But one thing is clear: Cyber attack impacts steadily grow.
A 45,000-square-foot renovation at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is laying the groundwork for an interdisciplinary facility to be called the Center for Cybersecurity Research, Education & Advanced Training.
The MTA’s OMNY payment system could reveal your trip history to anyone who has your credit card number — and cybersecurity experts said Wednesday the setup might threaten your privacy.