Hospitals Face Steep Cybersecurity Challenges with Less Government Help

Mattie Quinn, Governing / January 4, 2018

How Tech Will Help California Now that Pot Is Legal

Brenda Gazzar, Daily News / January 3, 2018

What is Chicago’s Array of Things Initiative?

Sean Thornton, Data-Smart City Solutions / January 3, 2018

In Opioid Epidemic, States Intensify Prescription Drug Monitoring

Christine Vestal, Stateline / December 29, 2017

Martin O’Malley Reflects on Gov Tech Legacy, Future of America’s Cities

/ December 21, 2017

California Contractor Begins Licensing Cannabis Sellers

Kayla Nick-Kearney, Techwire / December 19, 2017

Georgia Lawmakers Try to Prompt Growth with Tax Cuts, Internet

Mark Niesse, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / December 15, 2017

California Looks at Dumping Gas Tax for Per-Mile Fee as Cars Use Less Fuel

Tony Bizjak, The Sacramento Bee / December 8, 2017

DNA Has Gone Digital – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Jenna E. Gallegos, Researcher, Colorado State University, Jean Peccoud, Professor, Colorado State University / December 7, 2017

Illinois Ends Child Abuse Prediction Program

David Jackson, Gary Marx, Chicago Tribune / December 7, 2017

Using Data to Address Hunger, Food Insecurity

Erica Pincus, Data-Smart City Solutions / December 6, 2017
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