April 1999

Justifying the Process: Judicial Agencies Struggle to Learn the Art of Integration

The final part of the series on integrated justice examines the processes by which state and local governments can develop and implement integrated justice systems.

Local Government

Policing Where the Crime Is

CODEFOR is Minneapolis' comprehensive approach to reducing crime by putting resources where the criminals are, and increasing the gathering and sharing of information.

The Five-minute Commute and Beyond

Born in an L.A. traffic jam, bringing the office

Putting the Fire Out in Utica

The actions of a multijurisdictional strike force lead to a decrease in arson.

Coming in from the COLD

Now better known as enterprise reporting, an overlooked storage technology is bolstered by the Internet.


The National Technology Snapshot

A round-up of information technology news and events from each of the 50 states.

Justice & Technology

From Inkpad to Mousepad

IAFIS and fingerprint technology exemplify judicial integration at the dawn of the 21st century.

Notes from the Field

Information in Context

Information in Context


Bringing IT Professionals to the Classroom

Tech Corps is enlisting IT professionals to help educators nationwide learn to use technology effectively in their schools.


Is Responsible Use of Personal

The question is not about stopping the flow of data, but controlling it.

Forward to Yesterday

While the rest of the world lines up to go online, one municipality is terminating its terminals.

Best of the Web

To Recruit and Serve

Online exam registration helps add


Integrated Justice

Integrated Justice

Steve Steinbrecher

Steve Steinbrecher

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I Can See Clearly Now...

I Can See Clearly Now...

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