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From “cloud first” to “cloud smart,” public-sector agencies have been moving systems off-premises for years. CIOs reflect on what is in the cloud, what can be and what it takes to make the leap.
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In a brave new world of hybrid work — or not — IT leaders rethink what it means to work for the public sector and what investments are needed to keep everyone connected.
As public agencies embrace real-time data and push computing out of the office and into the urban landscape, edge computing can handle all that information more quickly. But there’s more work to do.
When asked what they’d invest in if funding were no object, many state chief information officers gave the same answer: hiring more people and developing current staff.
Heidi Norman explains Pittsburgh’s agency-level data coordinator system and how they’re modernizing the city’s legacy IT infrastructure and learning from academic and nonprofit partners.
A data-driven look at how top winners in the annual Digital Counties Survey are setting policy, staffing their IT shops and using emerging technologies.
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