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The cyber landscape has evolved to an almost unrecognizable degree in the past twenty years. We look at recent history, analyze policy changes aimed at battling today’s threats and consider what the future may hold.
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Governments are embracing a larger role in collective cybersecurity, creating cross-jurisdictional partnerships to make states, cities and counties more secure. Here's what that looks like in practice.
Cybersecurity insurance is becoming more expensive and harder to get, and some insurers are backing out of the market altogether. Where does that leave state and local government?
Modeled on the FedRAMP program to pre-verify the cybersecurity of third-party vendors, StateRAMP is now working to get states on board and fill out its roster of companies certified to work with government.
Liza Massey, CIO of Marin County, just north of San Francisco, discusses the intersection of digital and racial equity, and the importance of getting the community involved to push efforts forward.
What if paying a ransom was illegal? While opinions vary widely, some policymakers believe preventing ransomware victims from making payments would remove the incentive for the crime in the first place.
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