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Some states like Texas, Indiana and Colorado are filling their open positions with innovative programs that point people eager to learn in the direction of government IT.
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On the record: State technology leaders share their pitches to get fresh faces into state and local government IT shops.
Data from cities, counties and states reveals the roles they have the toughest time filling (and they’re not just in cybersecurity). Here are some of their innovative approaches to navigating these workforce shortages.
From reskilling non-traditional IT hires to eliminating degree requirements, state and local governments are putting people's interests and potential before technical experience.
Wanda M. Gibson talks about her priorities as CIO of Prince George's County, Md., her agency's digital equity work and the lasting impact COVID-19 has had on county IT.
While it makes sense that a big, well-staffed data operation gets a lot done, there's strategy and art that go into to the work done at the Dallas Office of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.
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