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As governments grapple with how to roll out generative AI — or whether they even should — policies in Seattle, New Jersey and California aim to to be broad, easy to understand and relevant in the face of change.
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Making good on the promise of generative AI requires a foundation of clean data and clear policies. Chief data officers and AI experts weigh in on practical ways to build a strong program.
Building an AI program is a daunting proposition, but government has to start somewhere. From strengthening cybersecurity to improving 311, a handful of early adopters are finding safe and practical uses.
The Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education program at MIT develops curricula for K-12 students to give students hands-on experience with AI and robotics can do from an early age.
Experts say safe and effective use of artificial intelligence requires transparency, explainability and auditability. Users of the tech also have to trust the people who made it.
The Syracuse, N.Y., Office of Analytics, Performance and Innovation and its partnership with the Department of Public Works demonstrates the cascading effects of what happens when traditional services go digital.
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