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March 2021

Illustration of two small figures standing in front of a large bar graph conveing increasing U.S. unemployment numbers during COVID-19

Have State Unemployment Insurance Systems Recovered from COVID-19?

The number of unemployed Americans skyrocketed due to COVID-19 and the surge hit state unemployment systems hard. We look at systems in Hawaii, Rhode Island, Indiana and Texas.

Legacy ERP Systems Get Upgrades Amid the COVID Pandemic

Enterprise resource planning systems are foundational to efficiently run government organizations. Here’s how three jurisdictions navigated their modernization plans through COVID-19.

When Government Goes Digital, What Happens to the Unbanked?

Experts, vendors and local government officials on designing online services in an accessible way while at the same time working toward community-wide banking equity.


Passed Omnibus Spending Bill Supports .Gov Web Domains

Applauded by IT and cybersecurity officials, new legislation shifts responsibility for .gov domains from GSA to CISA and mandates outreach and support services for governments to make the transition.

StateRAMP to Offer State, Local Government Secure Vendor Pool

Taking some of its cues from the federal vendor verification portal FedRAMP, StateRAMP aims to simplify and fortify the vendor selection process at the state and local level.

Point of View

Digital Government Is Only Successful If It Works for All

Government is tasked with the hefty responsibility of doing the people’s business, but what happens when people can’t access services or online systems fail?


Electric SUV Maker Raises $2.65B, Expands Charging Network

Plus, an AI-powered chess bot is designed to play like a human, SpaceX competitor OneWeb adds 500 low-earth orbit satellites to its ranks and renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels in Europe.


An Apology to COBOL: Maybe Old Technology Isn’t the Real Problem

COBOL is a 50-year-old programming language that some say government should get away from. But it could still have a place in modern IT organizations.

Biden Creates Road Map for Equitable State and Local Data

Data from marginalized communities is often underreported, meaning their needs are hidden from policymakers. President Biden’s initial actions on equitable data pave a path for state and local governments to follow.

The Vital Role of Public Affairs Television in Volatile Times

From C-SPAN to its state-level counterparts, public affairs television and its minute-by-minute coverage of government proceedings have rarely been more critical than in the past year.

Data-Driven Ways to Maximize City Budgets Post-Pandemic

Officials predict city budgets will be cut anywhere from 15 to 40 percent in the next year. The best way to do more with less is to use data as a tool to find out what works and where there’s opportunity to save.


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