August 2011

Obama’s IT Team Tries to Reinvent Systems Development Model

Are expensive standalone systems passé? Federal IT officials favor more flexible and agile delivery models such as cloud computing and open source.

White House, Open Data Developers Trade Ideas (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Open data programmers go to Washington, D.C., to promote their efforts and brainstorm potential collaborations with the White House.

iPhone or Android? Governments Ponder App Development Strategies

Governments deciding where to start in the wild world of apps and the mobile Web.

How Governments Are Developing Better Performance Metrics

Effective metrics help government agencies meet citizens’ expectations and justify spending.

Four Questions

Delaware CIO Jim Sills Discusses Enterprise Data Management

Appointed Delaware CIO is January 2009, Jim Sills talks about his top priorities and the state's budget outlook.


Utah and China Forge Agreements for Sharing Technology

Technology partnerships could benefit economy and ecology of Utah and China.

Securing Gridspace

Solving the Compliance Versus Security Conundrum (Opinion)

Protecting the nation's critical infrastructure will require the right mix of security and compliance, says Mark Weatherford, vice president and chief security officer for the North American Electric Reliability Corp.

Gov 2020

Is Your Office 'The Office'? 13 Tips for Workplace Harmony

How to avoid being your office’s Michael Scott.

Point of View

What I Learned Reporting on State and Local Government IT (Opinion)

Features Editor Andy Opsahl is leaving Government Technology after nearly six years, but not before sharing some last words about lessons learned on the IT beat.

Case Studies

What Will the U.S. Postal Service Look Like in 10 Years?

To keep up with electronic messaging trends and save itself from insolvency, the U.S. Postal Service is digitizing itself.

Smart Meters Enable Residents to Prepay for Electricity

Ocala, Fla., residents will soon get to pay for their electricity from the city utility the way they do gas for their cars.

Public Safety

Traffic Safety for First Responders Gets High-Tech Makeover

Transportation systems use technology to improve the safety of first responders and the public.

Special Report

2011 Digital Counties Survey Winners Announced

The 2011 Digital Counties Survey winners include Palm Beach County, Fla.; Washoe County, Nev.; Pueblo County, Colo. and Nevada County, Calif.

Product News

New Products From General Dynamics, TriSpecs, ThermaPak, Brijot

A roundup of new products: high-tech sunglasses, a laptop cooler, and an alternative to whole-body scanners.