December 2001

Digital State Survey Part IV

The final section of the Digital State survey measures GIS and education.

Camera Shy

Facial recognition cameras are stirring the pot of protest.

Unintended Consequences

As governments and civic organizations put more public information on the Web, bad things sometimes happen. Does that mean they should change what they're doing?


Keeping Tabs

Keeping Tabs

Tech Focus

Storage: The Next Generation

New data storage products and architectures promise to help departments manage an ever-increasing amount of data.


Collaboration is Key

Public/private health-care consortia explore practical ways to safeguard patient data.


Government Technology Snapshot

Government Technology Snapshot

Local Government

Storage Envy

To accommodate their data storage needs, local governments are looking at new systems that provide a host of benefits at an affordable cost.

CIO Profile

CIO Profile

Larry Singer

Geo Info

Pest Patrol

Texas is using GIS to reduce the boll weevil infestation responsible for destroying billions of dollars worth of crops.


Pushing Bytes Instead Of Paper

E-forms are changing the way governments do business.

Electronic Government

Erasing Lines

A group government project is sowing the seeds for intergovernmental cooperation.

Product News

Product News

Product News


Government Technology Spectrum

Government Technology Spectrum