February 2010

Public Libraries Take Information Literacy to the Next Stage

Folsom, Calif., library uses gaming to keep patrons' interests.

Virginia Strengthens IT Security From Data Center to Desktop

Virginia unifies IT security policies and infrastructure across five major areas.


Los Angeles County Uses DNA Tracking Database to Solve Cold Cases

DNA tracking database monitors the collection of arrestees' genetic material to identify who must provide DNA samples.

Point of View

Public Libraries Embrace Technology to Attract Citizens (Opinion)

Libraries add video games, multimedia to stay relevant to tech-savvy residents.


Denver Teaches City and County Agencies the True Cost of Technology Ownership

Standardizing the IT purchasing process helps agencies get the most for their money.

CIO Profile

Alabama CIO Jim Burns Discusses Transparency Web Portal

Citizens can access state spending and map data on Open.alabama.gov.

Records Management

San Jose, Calif., Upgrades 911 Call Center Technology

Call center improves redundancy and simplifies retrieval of recordings.

Green Technology

Four Steps for Effective Energy Management

Examining the value of a carefully constructed action plan.


What Happens When a Public Record is Actually Public? (Opinion)

More signal, less noise as Paul W. Taylor's monthly column signal:noise changes frequency.

Electronic Government

Miami-Dade County Deploys Online Foreclosure Auction

Miami-Dade County, Fla., conducts foreclosure auctions online instead of at the courthouse, saving money and staff.

Georgia Centralizes Child Welfare System Database

Developed from a public-private partnership, Georgia's Web-based statewide information system improves data sharing and produces real-time case records.

Twitter and Government Transparency

CIOs question whether government social networking posts on external sites should be archived, and if so, how it can be done.

Product News

New Products from Aluratek, Gateway, Memorex

E-book reader, all-in-one desktop PC, pocket camcorder.