PAST ISSUES / March 1998

New York Installing Statewide Intranet ?

Government agencies from large state departments to small-town clerks prepare to connect.


Bankruptcy Launches School Cooperation

Despite a depleted school budget, vision and determination get Orange County schools hooked up to technology.

Justice & Technology

Net Prophets

The surge in online disputes won't be suppressed in '98.

Product News




Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce

Joel Kotkin: The Renaissance of Cities

Joel Kotkin: The Renaissance of Cities

Product Watch

MAINFRAMES ... THEY'RE BAAAACK (Actually, they've been here all along!)

Is there a way to balance the competing needs of access and privacy? Should the Social Security Administration try again to make some of their information available on the Web?

Product Focus

Simple Concept, Complex Technology

Modern encryption programs are tough on hackers trying to crack into your computer system or e-mail messages.

CIO Profile

Leslie Hearn

CIO -- Maryland Department


Sanitizing the Internet ?

The question of whether Internet content should be regulated has already been answered. The next question is: How?


Can Intranets Support Document Imaging?

Fascination with intranets has led vendors to develop imaging applications that run on the open network. But do they work?

Notes from the Field

Feds Make Poor Case for Tracking the Needy

Tod Newcombe Eastern Region Editor


Montreal's Online Community

This Canadian city succeeds in reaching a bilingual audience with valuable, interactive information

A World of Internet

A source for everything new about the Internet.


National Technology Snapshot

National Technology Snapshot