May 1995

Laptop Legislators

State legislatures are installing computers on members' desktops to bring quicker access to information.

Feds To Build National Kiosk Network

The feds hope to roll out a massive government kiosk network over the next several years. States and localities like the idea, but have some reservations.

Newt Gingrich on Intelligent Transportation Systems

House Speaker Newt Gingrich is an outspoken advocate of advanced technology. What does that advocacy mean to the future of the U.S. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Program?


National Governor's Association State Technology Inventory:

A Compendium of Innovative Technology Projects Designed to Improve Government Service Delivery and Reduce Costs.

Justice & Technology

Kiosk Check-In for Probationers

While jails around the U.S. fill to maximum capacity rapidly, some counties are finding new ways to keep a close watch on probationed violators that also saves them time and money.


Radio Net Connects Sheriff's Laptops

Concerns for public safety and a sprawling jurisdiction prompted the Brevard County Sheriff's Office to overhaul its centralized information system and implement an integrated network solution.

Geo Info

Delta Mapping With GIS

The long, winding waterways that drain into San Francisco Bay are being mapped and data is being loaded onto a GIS for environmental protection studies.


Delinquent Taxpayers Shell Out in Shelby County

An information system for the county's tax records helped capture overdue revenue.


Hand Images Help Detect Welfare Fraud

A California county has begun taking "hand images" of general assistance recipients in an effort to reduce the chances that a person will apply for more benefits under an assumed identity.


You Can Drive, But You Can't Hide

A nationwide network that allows Motor Vehicle Departments to exchange violation and suspended license information is being tested by a few states.

Product Focus

Bandits on the Information Superhighway

Bandits on the Information Superhighway


Texas Capital's Broadband Plan

The city of Austin is re-working its telecommunications systems with an eye to the future and new possibilities..

Technology Focus

Networking Leaves Doors Unlocked

As the size and number of computer networks in government grows, so do the chances of a breach in security. Solutions exist, but they are not simple.

Technology Focus

Technology Focus


Internet Connections to State Government

Internet Connections to State Government