May 2009

Stimulus Plan Details Are Needed, Local Government CIOs Say

Economic stimulus plan will boost technology deployments in city and county governments -- but CIOs must know the rules.

Funding Rules Force Wasteful Government IT Spending, State CIOs Say

Technology leaders seek changes in spending rules for federal grant funds to encourage data sharing and enterprise standards.

Local Government

New Lenox, Ill., Communicates Via Zumboxes to Save Money

New Lenox, Ill. will send government communications via 'Zumbox' accounts, hoping to cut paper, printing and postage costs.

Big Picture

New York City Fire Department Tests Smoke Control Technique

Positive pressure ventilation could make NYFD rescue teams more effective.

Point of View

Nation Can't Afford Short-Sighted ARRA Spending (Opinion)

Fixation on 'shovel-ready' stimulus projects jeopardizes technology initiatives with long-term benefits.

Geo Info

GIS Maps Track Foreclosures in California and Kansas

Local governments turn foreclosed homes into low-income housing.

CIO Profile

Claire Bailey, Arkansas CTO, Discusses State's Interoperability

Arkansas CTO Claire Bailey gets public safety agencies and jurisdictions on the same wavelength.


Intelligent Transportation Projects Get Stimulus Funding

Federal stimulus will fund updated traffic-monitoring software for St. Cloud, Minn.

Opinion & Analysis

Federal CIO Appointment Marks New Era for Government IT Executives (Opinion)

Vivek Kundra's appointment to CIO post raises stature of Government IT at a critical juncture.


Facebook's Response to Terms of Service Flap Offers a Governance Lesson

Facebook shows agility in confronting tough transparency and openness issues.

Electronic Government

Consolidated Internet and Phone Service Saves Thousands for New Jersey Town

Wayne Township, N.J., saved more than $52,000 annually by consolidating its phone and Internet services.

Address Verification Software Helps Oregon PERS

Oregon reduces duplication in retirement database with address verification software.

On the Scene

Microsoft Hosts Government CIOs, Cal/EPA Pushes Green Development

CEO Steve Ballmer says Microsoft can help with stimulus, Cal/EPA headquarters is greenest high-rise in the West.