October 1996

Survey In On Outsourcing

What do people on the front lines have to say about the trend toward outsourcing in state and local government?

Spent Cartridges Nail Shooters

The FBI's Drugfire network enables comparisons of used bullets and casings and connects guns to crimes.


National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology

Justice & Technology

A Smart Tool for Courtrooms

In Allegheny County, court reporters are finding ways to work with technology.


In Search of Spectrum

Spectrum auctions may soon leave public safety agencies with a busy signal.

Geo Info

GPS Assists Earthquake Probability Assessment

Global Positioning Systems may help geologists determine which faults they should be most concerned with.


CD-ROM: Low-Budget Image Storage

"The cost for CD-ROM is significantly less than traditional optical discs and comparable to anything in the market, including microfilm."

Product Watch

Product Focus: GPS

A look at some of today's GPS products and systems.


Outsourcing for Competitive Government

State and local governments are beginning to recognize the benefits of outsourcing.


Philadelphia CIO

Philadelphia's CIO since 1993 has overseen the implementation of 49 new applications, the creation of a tech training center and the consolidation of six data centers.


Computer Intrusion Checklist

Here's a law-enforcement checklist for investigating unauthorized access to a computer system.


Young Entrepreneurs Cash in on the Web

Students in Davis, Calif., are using their Internet expertise to create Web pages for profit.


Abilene Mayor Gary McCaleb

Mayor Gary McCaleb has used information technology for economic development and improved efficiency since his election in 1990.