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The investment is derived from $10 billion in the American Rescue Plan, a program created to address challenges amplified by the pandemic, specifically in rural America, tribal communities and low-income communities.
Narrowing the digital divide between those who can't afford a computer or Internet access and those who can is the goal of a program taking place in several communities in Essex County, including Haverhill.
Pittsburgh is slated to receive more than $1.5 million in state grant money for new electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and compressed natural gas trucks.
The Kansas police department has plans to test a virtual reality training simulator and a new taser. The training software has the potential to make the training process more efficient.
New rules governing big rigs in the state could keep trash trucks from going all electric until 2042. Many waste companies have put significant investment behind natural gas power over the past decade.
When Tarrant County joined TechShare.Courts with other counties across the state, the idea was to sell the software to others. But that hasn’t come to fruition, with other counties pulling out as delays mount.
The Modesto Police Department's IT network may have been the victim of a cyber attack three days before the city discovered the security breach, although officials say there is no longer any active threat.
Drivers in the Garden State will now be able to present digital vehicle registration during traffic stops as part of a program launched by the Motor Vehicle Commission late last week.
Citing a lack of communication, union officials say they are now considering lawsuits to secure more extensive credit protections for the thousands of workers whose personal information was stolen last month and posted on the dark web.
Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird said there is potential for nefarious actors to use artificial intelligence to fool their victims, pointing to several recent examples of the technology being misused.
Ferries and other heavy equipment in Alabama, California and other locations are making the switch to electric power, as the maritime industry looks for ways to break away from fossil fuel propulsion.
A study from the University of Houston surveyed hundreds of Americans across 43 states to find that ideations about local crime were distorted after using neighborhood social engagement apps like Nextdoor.
One day in December, Karen Hsu took her family’s Shiba Inu on a walk around her neighborhood, during which the dog ran off. For the next 24 hours, they searched and searched with no luck.
After 20 years of what appeared to be unstoppable growth, America’s tech industry has spent the past year underperforming the rest of the economy, with product failures in new industries like VR and cryptocurrency.
Waynesville Assistant Police Chief Brandon Gilmore said the driving force behind getting the app released was providing transparency. It offers numerous useful features such as a sex offender search and inmate search.