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Nevada Transit Agency Adopts AI Gun Detection Platform

ZeroEyes, a firm that is based in Pennsylvania, has created an AI-based gun detection video analytics platform that continues getting its technology into public organizations nationwide.

A gun being pointed by an unidentifiable person.
(TNS) — ZeroEyes, a Montgomery County firm that created an AI-based gun detection video analytics platform, continues getting its technology into nationwide organizations. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada has chosen the company for wide-scale implementation of the technology.

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada is the first transit agency in the United States to deploy weapons detection analytics fully. Under the terms of the agreement, the transit agency is adding ZeroEyes to its state-of-the-art network to protect residents and visitors against gun-related violence, according to a press release.

The agency oversees public transportation, traffic management, roadway design, construction funding, transportation and regional planning efforts for the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area. With a transit fleet of 39 routes served by more than 400 vehicles, the agency carries more than 50 million riders per year.

"RTC prides itself on its ability to identify transportation challenges and implement solutions," MJ Maynard, CEO of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, said in a statement. "Tens of thousands of people depend on our transit system every day, and we continually look for ways to improve their safety and security."

ZeroEyes' AI gun detection and intelligent situational awareness software layers onto existing digital security cameras. If a gun is identified, images are instantly shared with the ZeroEyes Operations Center, which is staffed 24/7/365 by specially trained military and law enforcement veterans.

If the experts at the center determine a threat is valid, they will dispatch alerts and actionable intelligence — including a visual description, gun type, and last known location — to local law enforcement and RTC staff within 3 to 5 seconds from detection.

"RTC has set a new standard in security by becoming the nation's first transit agency to execute wide-scale deployment of weapons detection analytics to protect its citizens," said Mike Lahiff, CEO of ZeroEyes.

The solution, the company has previously said, "mitigates mass shootings and gun-related violence by reducing response times, providing actionable intelligence with images and delivering clarity among chaos — ultimately saving lives."

ZeroEyes said that United Safety & Survivability Group, known in the transit industry and ZeroEyes' transit reseller, worked to facilitate the deployment of the company's gun detection and intelligent situational awareness software across the agency's cameras for a 1-year deployment contract.

"The safety of operators and passengers is central to our mission at United Safety," Joseph Mirabile, CEO of United Safety, said in a statement. "We are thrilled that RTC, a longstanding partner benefiting from our diverse safety products, acknowledges the significant impact ZeroEyes can bring to its transit system."

ZeroEyes was founded by a group of former Navy SEALs and technologists and is based in Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County. The company's patented solution is recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a promising anti-terrorism technology and is the first video analytics technology to receive SAFETY Act DT&E Designation.

The platform is deployed across a variety of industries nationwide, including school districts, commercial property groups, shopping malls, places of worship, hospitals, military bases, manufacturing plants, casinos and Fortune 500 campuses. The ZeroEyes team also provides consulting, installation assistance and practice drills for active shooter events to enhance safety at schools, corporate and government facilities.

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