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Justice and Public Safety

State and local government tech-driven efforts around courts, corrections, law enforcement and public safety, including applied tech in police and fire.

With driving while intoxicated arrests rising, Minnesota is turning to tech for solutions. The state is piloting cutting-edge roadside drug testing devices with unexpected participants: people arrested for DWI.
City law enforcement will use an $800,000 grant from the Bureau of Justice Administration to implement and evaluate three different technologies including ShotSpotter.
The Warner Robins Police Department is using software to aggregate information that could help it close criminal cases. It is a help to the department, which does not have a cyber crime division.
Poor traffic stop practices could be predicted, and bad practices called out in real time by artificial intelligence, according to a new report commissioned in the wake of a falsified ticket data scandal.
The San Francisco company has released a new tool aimed at helping make streets safer for bicyclists and buses. It relies on visual artificial intelligence and cameras mounted on buses.
In response to potentially over-powered electric bicycles, the board of the Tamalpais Union High School District in Marin County may require high school riders to register their steeds to park them on campus.
Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation Monday on an early action budget null among legislative leaders that will cut the shortfall by about $17.3 billion — and return millions for tech to the general fund.
After years of sanctions from California, a San Francisco coding boot camp and its CEO have run afoul of federal authorities who accuse them of deceiving students and profiting from dodgy loan agreements.
The Next-Gen Emergency Vehicle Preemption technology provides first responders the ability to alter traffic lights on a complete route to an event, not just one light at a time.
As the use of automatic license plate readers grows, Government Technology reviewed public safety agencies’ audits and policies to determine progress.