Artificial Intelligence

Plus, Baltimore unveils a new data dashboard related to traffic stops; a Tennessee accelerator pushes to boost tech companies in the state; New Mexico seeks to improve Internet access and more.
New funding approved by the U.S. Senate will go toward research and development and strengthening regional economic development, manufacturing and supply chains — if the bill survives in the House.
Artificial intelligence is used in a host of algorithms in medicine, banking and other major industries. But as it has proliferated, studies have shown that AI can be biased against people of color.
Having recently opened an office in Morgantown, West Virginia, the San Francisco-based artificial intelligence company will recruit new employees from the university and focus on education, health care and prosperity.
A $200 million partnership between the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and IBM will create the Discovery Accelerator Institute, a collaborative space for studying uses for emerging technologies.
Cybersecurity leaders debated choosing the right security framework, using AI to get ahead of threats and making developers the stars of cloud-based defenses during a recent panel discussion.
The university will launch the new two-year degree program this fall, hoping to produce graduates who can not only build upon the science of artificial intelligence but also communicate its potential and limits.
By combining a city’s digital twin, a model of how it might be affected by factors like climate, with GIS, municipal leaders can make decisions based not only on physical factors, but the way people will be impacted.
The company, which uses AI to predict damage from disasters, has received its second infusion of cash from a major Japanese insurance company. Next, it plans on going to work in at least six Japanese cities.
Plus, Google’s voice assistant gets better at pronouncing names, a hacked password manager compromises information for nearly 30,000 users and cryptocurrency companies tackle climate change.