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Artificial Intelligence

According to recent findings, more and more human resources professionals utilize artificial intelligence in evaluating employees. But such tech can lead to unfair employee appraisals or outright discrimination.
Plus, Japan tests the world’s fastest Internet download speeds, New York state bans Zoom weddings and the world’s smallest battery-free camera helps uncover the fate of a very tiny snail in Tahiti.
The Rand Corporation released a report suggesting that the U.S. military should use artificial intelligence to examine social media trends to determine whether any military members are at risk of becoming extremists.
Speakers at an Open Technology Institute event said government needs to establish clear procedures for vetting high-risk AI systems for bias and discriminatory impacts plus attach enforcement policies to drive change.
More AI tools are becoming available to help recruit and hire new technology staff. They take some of the burden off management to find the right people and also reduce bias in the process.
Using software bots has become commonplace in many workplaces around the world, but with worker shortages, will robots start filling more roles soon?
New classroom software uses artificial intelligence for speech recognition and running teacher-supervised chatbots to help students practice words and pronunciations before they embarrass themselves in real conversation.
From Netflix recommendations to supercomputers that review medical scans looking for cancer, innovations in AI promise to create wealth and drive growth for regions able to establish a concentration in that sector.
A new group of educators, policymakers, technology companies, capital firms and other entities wants to assess the reliability of artificial intelligence applications used by schools and inform future regulations.
Next year, Elon Musk said Tesla will debut a humanoid robot prototype called the Tesla Bot. Its purpose will be to perform physical labor. Musk suggested humans will be replaced in the workforce of the future.