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Artificial Intelligence

Using large language models, and with some adult supervision, the chatbot would coach young people on how to identify and respond to messages from online predators.
The Hawaiian Electric Co. has begun installing high-resolution video cameras with artificial intelligence technology, to spot ignitions early in areas near its equipment that have elevated fire risk.
The university's Mississippi AI Agency, a student-led initiative that launched this spring, challenges students who are receiving continual AI training to help businesses utilize generative AI.
In a webinar this week, K-12 thought leaders from the Consortium for School Networking summarized the ethical implementation of AI in schools as a matter of preparation, communication, equity, privacy and flexibility.
Rasmussen is the latest of several institutions to partner with the online resume builder and job-search company Hiration to give students and alumni a tool for real-time feedback on job interview skills.
The state's new CIO has worked with the North Dakota Information Technology department for nearly 20 years. Now, the relationships he has built will support and inform the implementation of his vision for IT.
A $2.3 million contract between the New Hampshire Department of Education and the nonprofit Khan Academy will make the AI teaching assistant Khanmigo available for free to teachers and students in grades 5-12 until 2025.
The state’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy details how agencies will leverage the technology for predictive analysis, to improve resident services and drive workforce development. Ethics and security are part of the plan.
Wyoming schools must create their own policies with respect to artificial intelligence, but the state is encouraging them to use it to free up time for teachers to focus on instruction and bring students up to speed.
When futurist Ray Kurzweil popularized the idea that AI would one day surpass human intelligence, he predicted its occurrence in 2045. With two decades to go, now is the time to get ahead on regulating it.